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Scripture Stones

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These little stones are great gifts and a great way to keep the Word of God with you all day long.

The Prayer Map for Women [Cherry Wildflowers]

Prayer Maps

Our prayer maps are some of our bestsellers!

This engaging prayer journal is a fun and creative way for you to more fully experience the power of prayer.  Each page features a lovely 2-color design that guides you to write out thoughts, ideas, and lists, creating a specific "map" for you to follow as you talk to God. Each map includes a spot to record the date, so you can look back on your prayers and see how God has worked in your life. The Prayer Map for Women will not only encourage you to spend time talking with God about the things that matter most. It will also help you build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer for life!Share

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Kerusso Kids T-Shirt Growing With Jesus

Growing With Jesus

“Growing With Jesus” T-shirt by Kerusso® Kidz in Turquoise. Day by day the Lord is transforming the lives of children who follow Him, strengthening their faith as they learn and grow.

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