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2FruitBearers started on Facebook as a ministry based platform. That's who we still are today but with a fashion twist. We wanted to repopularize modest and Christian apparel that's still trendy and fashionable for both young and old. So here we are providing top quality apparel, accessories and some other specialty items.


Where Are You Headed?

Do you ever notice that when you have a desire to accomplish something and you succeed - afterwards you're like now what? Or you go looking for something else to satisfy your soul. That is because God has put in us an inate ability to want eternity in heaven and nothing in this world can quench it. Many rich and famous people are deeply depressed because money or success cannot buy happiness. It cannot do what only Jesus can do. This world is temporary and we are only passing through to get to the other side. Heaven or hell. Where will we go? Jesus is our only answer. Jesus is our only hope.

If you don't know Jesus - you can! He is so ready and loves you more than you could ever understand.