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Sleepy Elephant Boogie Toes Rattle Socks

Sleepy Elephant Boogie Toes Rattle Socks

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Napping elephants never forget to be your child's friend--whether he or she is hanging at home or out on the town.

With a peaceful expression and the sweetest little trunk and tusks, these Boogie Toes feature calming blue and grey tones and a cute little paw print near the sock top! Eco-friendly, rubber grip-bottoms provide traction for new walkers. And stuffed elephant faces double as rattles. Boogie Toes are the perfect addition to any kid wardrobe and make great gifts too! 

100% Combed Cotton Rattle Accessory Socks. Hand Linked. Satisfaction Guaranteed, 85% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

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