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Kerusso Mens Cap Patriotic 2023

Kerusso Mens Cap Patriotic 2023

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Patriotic 2023™

Cast off your burdens and follow Jesus in this “Patriotic 2023” Cap by Kerusso® in Blue. The Lord has purchased your salvation for all eternity, and the women and men of the US Armed Forces protect our freedom as American citizens. Don’t take this incredible freedom for granted; wear it on a classic ball cap and share it with others every chance you get.

Your freedom through faith was purchased by Jesus Christ Himself, and your freedom as an American citizen is protected by the women and men of the United States Armed Forces who stand up at home and around the world to keep us safe. Honor both, and take neither for granted. Wearing this patriotic cap is a cool way to stand up for what you believe in.

Kerusso® Cap - Patriotic 2023™

  • Color: Blue
  • Cotton Front/Mesh Back
  • Spot clean only
  • One Size Fits Most
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