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Llamas Boogie Toes Rattle Socks

Llamas Boogie Toes Rattle Socks

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Lovely little giraffes will make any child (and their parents) smile, especially when they're worn as socks! These cute-as-can-be Boogie Toes serve up brown spots over a cream background that will jazz up any outfit while keeping feet cozy.

Eco friendly, rubber grip-bottoms provide traction for new walkers and the sweet stuffed giraffe faces double as rattles. Boogie Toes are the perfect addition to any kid wardrobe and make great gifts too! 

100% Combed Cotton Rattle Accessory Socks. Hand Linked. Satisfaction Guaranteed, 85% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

Made in Venezuela

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