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The Simplified KJV [Wildflower Medley] Bible

The Simplified KJV [Wildflower Medley] Bible

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Barbour’s Simplified KJV builds off the familiarity and trustworthiness of the King James Bible while removing the difficulties of antiquated language and punctuation. Keeping all the original translation work of the 1611 Bible, the Simplified KJV carefully updates old styles that may interfere with your understanding today:

  • Outdated verb styles are refreshed—for example, art becomes are; gavest becomes gave
  • Old forms of address—like thee, thou, and ye—are updated
  • Confusing older terms—such as wroth or divers—are modernized
  • Pronouns for God—He, His, Him, You, Yours, Me, My—are capitalized for clarity
  • Quotation marks are included with spoken language
  • Long sentences are shortened with modern punctuation
  • Paragraphs are added throughout

The Simplified KJV maintains the feel of the original King James while markedly increasing its readability, bringing the trustworthy old translation into the 21st century.

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